People I've Slept With is essentially a photoblog of the people I share snooze time with while I travel. Dormitories, tents, bunks, couches and floors; I get to know these people via the close proximity of sleeping with them, and these are their photographs and stories. I started this project on my birthday, November 2007 and continued it for a long trip I did through North and South America over 10 months. I had a chance to shoot again on a trip to Burning Man 2010. People who crash out in my lounge room are also not safe.
Taking photographs of people sleeping is invasive, not to mention tricky to do without waking them to a camera in their faces, before having a chance to explain what the project is about. Luckily most people were simply bemused by the, "So I've already taken a photo of you sleeping, are you ok with that?" speech. People I've Slept With is thanks to them, however brief our encounters.
The original form of People I've Slept With is the photo set on flickr, enhanced with written anecdotes about each character. I have also made two editions of the People I've Slept With Zine, which profiles a selection of 6-8 sleepers, with photograph, written description and a memento of each person.


Q: Did you have sex with all these people?
A: No, the name is a pun designed to hook you in. Haha, gotcha.

Q: Well why would I want to read about them then?
A: Because each of these former strangers had quirks worth writing about.