Saturday, July 31, 2010

PISW edition 2

PISW edition 2 has reached a new incarnation, after a small run of only 20 copies that were available at the Sticky Zine Fair in February (If you got one of those you are extra lucky because they feature the rather special random coloured centre spread.) But now People I've Slept With 2 has reached mass production - or as mass production as I can get with a photocopier and my own two tired stapling hands. I'm getting it ready to go on a trip around the U.S. It's coming on a road trip that should allow me to stop by zine shops in Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco, and then leftovers will be disseminated through the Burning Man festival. I'll also be depositing copies of Still Warm about the place. I'm hoping to meet more people to sleep with along the way. With my delicious new DSLR, my skills will be tested to get good shots without waking the sleepers up with its noisy workings. But hopefully hippies at Burning Man won't be too bothered to be woken, as long as it is in the name of art!

Frankie and I at the zine fair stall that the lovely and talented Ayano let us join, Feb 2010.

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