Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Juan Carlos

WHO: Juan Carlos, Columbian,
WHEN: 19/2/2008
WHERE: El Carretero Hostel in La Paz, Bolivia.

SLEEPING PATTERN: Like a baby after too much rum in the hostel room.

With CARLOS, I played cards on Isla Del Sol in Lake Titicaca, in a bar in Copacabana, Bolivia, and in a scungy hostel room with cheap rum. But in La Paz we skipped the cards and went straight to the cheap rum. Our La Paz hostel was full of Chilean and Argentinean hippy circus folk and artisans, practicing in the main courtyard. Thanks to Carlos' successful mingling we ended up in a wildly hand-painted den of a dorm room infiltrating their hippy world amidst swigs of foul tasting rum, scoring bonus thundering hangovers.
Carlos and I stayed in friendly contact which consisted of him showering me with chain emails in Spanish.

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