Wednesday, November 24, 2010


WHO: Ned, Australian.
WHEN: 21/11/2010
WHERE: Aire Crossing Campground, Otway National Park, Australia.

SLEEPING PATTERN: I could feel her wriggling closer to use my back for extra warmth during the cold night in the tent.

Since this person I've slept with is already my friend, it's tricky to narrow it down to what to tell about her. Lets see...Ned loves dinosaurs (see her pillow) and has a huge collection of all things dinosaur from figurines to a large robotic child's ride on triceratops. Add this to her extensive interest in all things 80s (lucky enough to have an older brother who taught her the Guns N Roses from the Wham) and it makes her one of those people that everywhere you go you see something you want to buy for her. Triceratops mask check. Bruce Lee Bikini top, check. Ned gave me a dinosaur figurine and it lives in my frog tank now. Ned is also very rad.

New Ned fact: She knows all the words to the Savage Garden chica-cherry cola song.  On the one hand I think less of her, but on the other, I appreciated the way she wasn't shy to perform it on SingStar.  I like that she had no shame in revealing this side of herself.

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