Monday, December 27, 2010


WHO: Marie-Eve, from Quebec, Canada.
WHEN: 22/11/07
WHERE: El Centro Del Mundo Hostel, Quito, Ecuador.

SLEEPING PATTERN: No matter how careful we were, Marie-Eve and I couldn't help but shake each other on the bunk we shared, with every toss and turn.

A ballsy chick on the final leg of her trip, MARIE-EVE was the well versed traveller I wanted to be. She knew the appropriate Spanish for 'bastard' in each latin American country. She was travelling alone and living the organised, 'I'm gonna see what I want to see and I dont have to check with anyone' kinda life. She loved this exhibition she went to on her own, and wrote some of her own lyrics on the back of the entry ticket for me. Wisely, she didn't have time for drunken boys talking shit after the shared bucket of rum & coke night at the hostel. Hers was a good example to follow. It took me a while longer to get there.

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