Wednesday, March 16, 2011


WHO: Harriet, from Sydney, Australia.
WHEN: 17/2/2008
WHERE: Copacabana, Bolivia.

SLEEPING PATTERN: Harriet was expecting me to take a photo of her, so she spent the night with her arm covering her face.

I first met HARRIET in Cusco, Peru and then bumped into her on the boat ride to Isla Del Sol in Lake Titicaca. I walked in on her in a friend's house where she was getting her long blonde hair made into dreadlocks. Then I would see her around in the bars, where she would play a drum borrowed the local rastas. She's a musician at home and I see lately from Facebook that she is in a choir back in Sydney. We shared this 10 Bolivianos a night ($1.50 AUD) hostel in Copacabana when we got back from the Lake. We got what we paid for, but we made the most of it with drinking games and equally cheap booze.

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