Wednesday, October 5, 2011


WHO: Angela, German.
WHEN: 16/4/11
WHERE: Pedrouzo, Galicia, Spain,

SLEEPING PATTERN: Took up a nice patch of lawn beneath the clothes line in the afternoon sunshine - walking 20 kms a day justifies an afternoon nap.

I ended up sharing many deep and meaningful conversations with ANGELA as we walked the last few days together, which were very useful in taking my mind off the ticking kms. We would get going on a topic and before we knew it we were at the lunch stop. She made some poignant observations, despite our short time together, which I guess is to be expected, since she is a child psychologist. I have to say, I envy her experiences of falling in love; I've only experienced love as a gradual growth.
Angela bravely spent one night outside alone, sleeping in a field - just for the adventure of it. The next morning when the rest of us walked through thick fog to meet up with her, we could only imagine what it was like to wake up surrounded by that. She took a photo of the little spot she chose to show us how she spent the night, and said she'd had to wait for farmers and their dogs to disappear before she could settle down. Other things: long walking poles as tall as me, eating a watermelon together, her endless supply of kinder chocolate, her ID picture with blue hair.

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