Saturday, September 25, 2010


WHO: Ashlee, from Fresno, California.
WHEN: 3/9/10
WHERE: Black Rock City, Nevada

SLEEPING PATTERN: Passed out on the couch after a night of laughing at a collaborative acoustic improvised 52 verse song!

From a neighbouring camp, ASHLEE spent a good deal of time chilling on our couches. She declared early in th e week that her solution to playa dust hair would be to wear wigs to cover the mess underneath. She stuck to it; I saw a pink bob and a long lavender number, but I didn’t see her real hair until her car was packed and she was saying her goodbyes. She even fell asleep with her wig on.
Ahlee is the first person to turn this project back on me. I woke up from a snooze in a hammock to find her leaning over me with a camera!

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