Saturday, September 18, 2010


WHO: Ryan, from Los Angeles, California.
WHEN: 4/9/10
WHERE: Black Rock City, Nevada

SLEEPING PATTERN: Randomly wanders into our camp looking lost, asks to crash out in one of our hammocks then all we see of him for many hours is his boot sticking out of the hammock. He resurfaces when we have eventually forgotten he is there and thanks us. Apparently he was a escaping some fornication in his own camp.

I asked RYAN to tell me something about himself and so he told me a story of death-defying heights from the night before. Climbing across a horizontal ladder which stretched high above a rave, whilst high himself on some cocktail of drugs, he had lost all physical ability to pull himself up and was sure he was about to fall to his death. I'm not sure that he learned anything from his near death experience.

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