Saturday, November 19, 2011


As I've reached the las stop on El Camino De Santiago with Rebekka in Finisterre, you may have realised that those are the last of the sleeping pilgrims that will be featured on People I've Slept With. I would, however like to take a moment to remember the many characters that I did not have the chance to capture in their sleep.

In particular: the snorers. A night without at least one snorer lulling you to sleep was fairly rare. Once I slept in a room with 90 beds and the orchestra of snoring came from every direction - but was far from harmonious. I found that some snorers are actually relaxing to listen to and their breathing makes a meditative undertone. Others, not so much.
One guy made the worst noise I've ever heard; on both the inhalation and exhalation the sound was like a scream that shook me. He lead to me hiding my face in a blanket that must have had bed bugs because I woke up with bites on my face. Worth it. Apparently he usually slept in private hotel rooms instead of hostels and it was just my lucky night that he chose to terrorise a dorm room full of people. The next morning, a couple who had been in the room told me that they got up and shook his bed in hope of getting him to roll over, but he actually barked out, "F*** off!" The boyfriend found the snoring to be so bad that he went and slept outside on the lawn.
And then this guy. I didn't get a picture of him, but I found his snoring style so unique that it was worth recording. I had this jolly, round, Italian man with a bright red face in the same dorm room as me for THREE nights in a row. I don't think it helped that he drank wine every night. At about a minute in, you can hear a gurgle and snort as he actually wakes himself up with his own noise and changes position. This would happen over and over again. It was...disruptive to say the least.

Snoring by HannahSpeltBackwards

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