Thursday, January 5, 2012


WHO: Steph, Australian.
WHEN: 22/5/11
WHERE: Her Hackney apartment, London, UK.

SLEEPING PATTERN: Slept in the spare room, very kindly giving up her own bed to me, knowing that I'd come straight from walking for 24 days.

STEPH seemed to know exactly what I needed, hospitably supplying me with a comfy place to sleep and use of a washing machine. Her personalised tour of the city included her local drinking holes and the Old Operating Theatre Museum where many amputations took place in the early 1800s, which seemed apt since she works as an anatomical pathology technician.
An old friend who has been living in London for years, we enjoyed reliving old Melbourne memories through the skewed filter of time passed and after a week of bonding we became surprised that we hadn't been closer friends at home. We discussed her recent resolution to leave the frenzied pace of London and return to chill Melbourne. But she's a strong character who has forged herself quite the niche there, so it will definitely be a brave move for her to move on. I love Steph for the duality of her tough exterior and the softy inside; though it seems like nothing can phase her, I learnt otherwise from discussing dating and relationships with her. It was sweet to see her agonise over fresh minor dramas.
Here's an extra fun fact, the chunky silver rings she rocks in her stretched ears are actually made for Prince Albert piercings!


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