Wednesday, August 1, 2012


WHO: DiDi, Portuguese.
WHEN: 11/6/11
WHERE: Car Seat, Olhão, Algarve, Portugal.

SLEEPING PATTERN: Instantly lulled to sleep by hum of the engine, after a hard day being a kid.

Is there anything so cute as bilingual children? DIDI and her sister Lulu would whisper to each other in Portuguese and then give me cheek in English. The sisters were born to a British father who hosted me in a tent on his farm in the hills of Olhão, and a Portuguese mother. I earned my keep by attempting to get customers for their father's boat tours in the mornings and then looking after the girls in the evenings. They would get home after school and come and bombard me in my tent when I was trying to have an afternoon nap. (All that sunshine took it out of me!) I guess it's exciting to have a tent in the backyard even when you don't live in suburbia. After taking pictures of each others hair lifted by the static of the tent walls, and getting fingerprints all over my lens, they would argue over who's turn it was for me to endlessly push on the swing until dinner was ready. These two were adept at using the trembling lip to manipulate adults, but as the younger sibling, DiDi had not yet fully realised her pout power.

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