Thursday, April 12, 2012


WHO: Christina, Australian.
WHEN: 3/2/12
WHERE: My couch! Melbourne, Australia.

SLEEPING PATTERN: Passes out on any available couch, at any house party, like clockwork at only a little after midnight.

CHRISTINA, or XIE as she is fondly known, has a penchant for that cute sitting up kinda sleep where the sleeper props themselves up on one elbow, their head dropping abruptly several times until they give up all pretence of staying awake, and slip down the sofa until head comes rest on the couch arm, curling legs up into a foetal hug. She'll do this at pretty much any party that has couches and goes beyond her bed time of Nana-o'clock. I've tried to capture the phenomenon before, on my archaic phone camera, but this time I was blessed with a fisheye with a flash. 'Aha!' I cried when this film was finally developed, 'Got her!' You can also see a bit of my leg and elbow as I reach over at an awkward angle to get the shot. She didn't even flinch with the flash.
Aside from her adorable sleeping position - one hand reminiscent of childish thumb-sucking - Christina is just a gosh darn sweetie in general. It's like she's always playing dress up as a lady, but underneath she has all the endearing traits of a goofy school girl. One day it might be pretty dress, felt hat and a lunch packed in an actual cane picnic basket and the next, blue bathing suit, giant floppy hat and posing like a pin up girl. Her set-dressing career aspirations play out charmingly in her own presentation, but a big toothy grin will always give her true character away. Let's never quite grow up, k?

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